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Increase production
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time and material cost
The Problem and How to Solve It
-A common problem with current installation of switches and transformers is the difficulty of routing the cables in L-shaped conduits which are installed to line up with the bushings in the switch or transformers. 

-The L-shaped conduits are aligned with a template and an individual cable is routed through each conduit. This is very time consuming and after the template is removed, the L-shaped conduits tend to shift out of alignment....
What this means is that YOU SPEND MORE MONEY on cost and work hours while also compromising reliability
The E-Z Sweep   is a device for directing cables in and out of switches and/or transformers through conduit or direct bury. It's a simple and effective cable directing device which greatly reduces the time necessary to install an above-ground switch or transformer using underground cables.

The cable directing device requires no template, provides simple and easy cable routing and provides complete cable shielding into and out of transformers or switches.

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The E-Z Sweep - Name and Design are property of Ralph C. Kendrick, Jr. U.S. Patent No. 5,587,554